80 Billion Frames

Click on the image above to see a wicked quick video of how I did pencil animation for three shots in “80 Billion Guys.”  Basically, after story-boarding the film, I made a pencil drawing for the start of every shot I wanted.  Then I scanned it in, pulled the drawing out, erased, redrew it slightly differently, and scanned the slightly altered version in again.  I did 10 frames a second, meaning every second is comprised of about ten drawings to create the illusion of movement.  It’s nothing terribly new (William Kentridge, a South African Artist who’s been doing it for at least 20 years has a show at MOMA now actually) but the time it took coupled with the fact that I didn’t know exactly what I was doing made it a challenge.  It’s worth a shot if you make the time.  The video is slowed down to 2 frames a second so you can see each drawing.


One Response to “80 Billion Frames”

  1. eric Says:

    awesome. film was great. looking forward to the next one.

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