Sketches from Hong Kong

View from apartment window.  They’re doing some laundry across the street.

Apartments typically have chairs and a counter on which to prepare food.

This is a bus station.  I wasn’t waiting for a bus.  I just got lost and was afraid to talk to people so I sat down for a while.

Tall buildings.  Banks.  Trams.  Dumplings.

Soccer on a court in Wan Chai.  Chinese dudes yelling typical English soccer commands at each other.  “Here!” “Hey!” “Ball!”  You know.

View from the Peak.  Minus the Germans who were in the way.

A park and to the right, a restaurant.  Or a hair salon.  Or a place to buy plants. I couldn’t tell.

One oh One. Good morning.

Central.  This is where the white people live.


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