Beer label designs for Brothers Mark and Jay

Photo: Mark Bernal

Mark calls and says “Can you make beer labels for the beer that me and Jay are brewing– an Oatmeal Stout and a Pale Ale?” and I say “Sure, I’ll draw them with pens and markers and put the Brooklyn skyline in the background,” and Mark says “Great,” and I draw them and then a few weeks later we go to Kinkos and print them and go back to Mark’s house and drink them and cut the labels out carefully and eat bread and paste the labels on to the bottles using milk as an adhesive, which works surprisingly well, and will, according to Mark, make removing the labels from the bottles considerably easier than if we had used rubber cement, which will be nice the next time Mark and Jay brew some more batches of beer and a beer brewing video will be coming soon at Brother Mark’s website (

Oatmeal Stout closeup.

Pale Ale closeup.

Brother Mark pin design. Pins are available from a big plastic bag at Mark’s house or in Mark’s backpack if you see him.


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