Grave Architecture: 3 X 3

A couple weeks ago a version of this film screened as part of Moviehouse, a screening series every second Sunday at Third Ward in Brooklyn. The idea was three silent films, which we passed along to three different composers who composed three different soundtracks, and then each film screened three different times. You know. With the three different scores. Got it?

The music and the two other films were fantastic. Mine was not silent though. So I recut it with animated text instead of VO. It is better now. It is the last story in a graphic novel I completed. So this above is the movie with the score composed by VJ/Filmmaker/Composer extraordinaire Clay Franklin. Thanks, Clay. And thanks to Chris Henderson–Moviehouse Man, composers Phil Weinrobe and Michael Boss, and filmmakers Nathan Punwar and Manuela Viera-Gallo.


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