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Animated Grammar: Lesson 2

July 22, 2010

Writing sentences with two, too, and to, and coincidentally guarding your sexual health.


Logo for CinemaParque

July 8, 2010

This is a logo I designed for CinemaParque, a screening series produced by MovieHouse in Bushwick’s Sternberg Park.  The first screening is July 12th at 8 pm.

Every Rose Has its Thorn

July 8, 2010

hey chk out thiz awesum vid i made 4 EVRY ROSE HAZ ITS THORN 😉

Six things I’ve paid for in Hong Kong

July 2, 2010

As my miniscule savings evaporate, I thought I would share six things I’ve bought in Hong Kong, along with the prices in Hong Kong Dollars of those things and the exchange rate as of 7/1/10.  I believe next I will draw a bunch of things I haven’t bought.  And those are more interesting.