NYC Subway map by ethnicity

This is a subway map of NYC based on ethnicity. I made and submitted it for the NYTimes subway edition because they asked for contribution, and I had no money during the weekend and thus plenty of time. I based the data off of this dude Eric Fischer and some independent research I did because the subway map is different geographically than an actual map of course. Click on the image for a slight closeup.

Here’s the process of creating it. Kind of.


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3 Responses to “NYC Subway map by ethnicity”

  1. Cousin Martha Says:

    LOVE the map. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

  2. Andrey Says:

    Any thoughts of getting this printed? I can see a lot of people wanting to hang this on their wall, including myself. I saw this on the NYT site and right away googled up your site.

    Great job!

  3. joyce Scheffel Says:

    I bet more of your illustrations are stuck to refrigerators across Manhattan than any other artist. Brilliant as always.

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